Two-storied Japanese Machiya House for Rent at Shimo-Tsukiyama Cho

The house is old traditional Japanese house with preserving original charm, located in quiet and historical area, close to supermarket and bus stop.
The 2-storied house with 4 rooms, dining room, bathroom, toilets, and kitchen is also suitable for family.


80,000 JPY / month


Shimo-tsukiyama cho,Murasakino, Kita-ku, Kyoto
-5-min walk from bus stop “ 建勲神社前 Kenkun-Jinjya-Mae “
-25-min walk from subway “北大路駅Kita-Oji station”


We need 1 month rent as a deposit.
We will refund a deposit in full when you leave the house if there’s no problem.

[Management Fee]
The house is managed by NPO CreatorsJapan.
Management fee(1 month rent) is required as an initial cost.

If you’d like to have a look, please contact us.
We’ll arrange a date you can visit and see the house.