About House

Q I want to have a look the house.  Can I visit there?
You can have a look the house with us.
Please let us know when you're available.
We'll reply the meeting date and place.
Q I'm interested in the house, but there are some worries (ex: the rent, renovation, and so on).
Please don't hesitate to contact us. 
We'll find you the best way to resolve your problems.
Q Can I use the rent house as a restaurant, cafe and guesthouse?
It depends on the house.
Please let us know about your ideas and requests.
We'd love to support you.
Q I want to know about a renovation subsidy.
We can support you to apply for a subsidy from local government.
Application of subsidy might be complicated even for Japanese people.
We've supported many people to apply for subsidy.
Please contact us for details.
Q  Can you support the house away from Kyoto?
We work base on Kyoto, but we also had some works at Shiga, Osaka. 
Please feel free to contact us for details.

About Volunteers

Q I don't know DIY at all.  Can I work as a volunteer?
No problem!
Most of our volunteers are beginners at the first time.
Our carpenters and engineers can teach you step by step.
You can improve your skill as you work more.
 Q Can I bring my friends as volunteers?
Why not? We appreciate it.
Please tell us how many persons you'll bring before you come.